Refund & Return Policy

We are happy to accommodate returns within 30 days on all products. as well as hair extensions that have not been opened, worn, or tampered with, and the seal has not been broken (Does not apply to final sale items). Holiday Orders (December 1 through January 1) will be eligible for returns for 60 days from the date of receipt.

We do not do exchanges on any products or hair extensions.

Hair extension

Each extension set comes with a seal, once the seal is broken, you cannot return your hair. This also means that you can’t try on the hair.

If an item is determined to be used or tampered with (seal being broken), you will be notified via email within seven days of its return. If you do not reply or refuse to make payment for its return to you, the item will be held for 30 days and then destroyed.

Human hair extensions are considered to be a hygienic product by law. We take matters of hygiene and public safety seriously and do not allow opened items to be returned for the safety of all of our customers.

If there is a problem, we will try to solve the issue in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you understand that there are NO EXCHANGES or chargebacks allowed. You may email us at for further information.


-Customers can initiate a return via our return form below!


- No exchanges allowed.

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